EHS Africa Logistics

Customs clearing and delivering your cargo in total compliance across West and Central Africa.


EHS AFRICA LOGISTICS was created based on the demand within the Worldwide Freight Forwarding industry for a NEUTRAL & INDEPENDENT AFRICA NETWORK offering services to and representing the Worldwide Freight Forwarding Industry in Africa.

Specialising in WEST & CENTRAL AFRICA, EHS gives its partners confidence that they are dealing with an international organisation focused on service and communication.

Freight Forwarders can confidently sell destination services into West Africa, knowing they have a partner working for their best interest.

Is there any other company providing the freight forwarding industry non-membership-fee-paying representation access to so many countries in West Africa?

EHS is the only Neutral & Independent West Africa Network servicing the freight forwarding industry. We offer International standards within difficult operating environments across all of our West African offices. We have highly experienced bilingual staff focused on service, service, service. All offices operate with up to date communications equipment. Partners can be confident that their goods are handled securely. We are in the background doing the work whilst you manage the relationship with your clients.



Our LOCAL KNOWLEDGE and presence in West & Central Africa gives freight forwarders increased Regional Coverage. We provide freight forwarders the ability to provide their clients customs cleared and delivered (Door to Door) services into West & Central Africa. We act on behalf of freight forwarding partners requiring transport & logistics services within these regions.

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