EHS Bio Pharma

Carrying temperature-sensitive clinical trial, clinical, and medical research shipments intra West and Central Africa and of out West and Central Africa.


With increased focus on Africa within the Bio-Pharma Industry, EHS expertise has continually been called upon for the Transportation of UN 3373, Clinical Trails and Biological Sample goods out of Africa.

EHS BIOPHARMA AFRICA provides Cold Chain management of investigational products and biological samples. Additionally we provide pre-conditioned and validated temperature controlled packaging for all temperature ranges including, but not limited to:

  • Controlled Ambient (+15 to +25.C)
  • Refrigerated (+2 to +8.C)
  • Frozen (-15 to -25.C)
  • Deep Frozen (-60 to -80.C)
  • CryoFrozen (<-150.C)
  • Replenishment services

Our in depth knowledge of Dry-Ice quality and availability in Africa, suitable airlines, routings and remote Laboratory locations has given confidence and ease of mind to our Bio Pharma Logistics Specialist clients.

EHS BIO PHARMA AFRICA clients are Industry Transport professionals, such as Specialist Courier and Freight Companies, known and reputable in this field.

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