EHS Global Logistics

Transporting goods on behalf of our African customers from anywhere in the world to West and Central Africa by sea or air.


At EHS GLOBAL LOGISTICS, our clients are African-based organisations looking for a reliable international company capable of meeting all of their international logistics needs.

With a network of owned offices across West and Central Africa, our clients benefit from our experience and expertise in the region. We offer the ability to transport goods from anywhere in the world to West & Central Africa & from West & Central Africa to anywhere in the world by both sea and air.

We are proud to be providing services to clients active in the following industry sectors:

  • National Health Ministries
  • Local Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Importers
  • Bio-Pharma companies
  • Mining & Mining Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Goods
  • Relief Agencies & NGO Logistics Support

EHS wishes to revolutionise the way our african importer clients organize the import of their goods. With your imports under our control from time of ordering.

EHS will save you time, money and energy, thus freeing you to focus on developing your local business activity.

  • Are you a regular importer of goods from abroad ?
  • Do you want to reduce the cost of transporting your goods from supplier to you and improve transit time ?
  • Do you want to exercise greater control of your goods?
  • Do you prefer to pay for your international transport in your local currency and avoid bank charges?

EHS IMPEX, puts you in control, saves you money. Here is how it works:

  • You order.
  • We coordinate with suppliers.
  • We organize collection from suppliers.
  • We transport from suppliers to your port or airport or anywhere you desire.
  • We can customs clear and deliver once arrived at the port or airport.
  • You settle the payment with our local office.

With port and airport operations , our customs clearance capability is built on:

Assuring correct documentation before arrival
Swift processing through customs procedures upon arrival
Swift duty and tax payment upon assessment
Swift recovery of goods once customs clearance has been made

Do you know how much money you can lose just by your customs agent using incorrect customs codes?

EHS clients can do business confidently knowing the correct customs codes and licenses are applied everytime.

Our strong airline relationships both locally and globally enable us to provide swift and secure transport by air of our clients goods

Transporting your goods by sea is a cost effective way of doing so. How can EHS support you in meeting your needs in this area ?

Lower cost
Faster transit times
More reactivity
Consistent communication
We will work with you and for you to attain your goals in this area.

What is LCL ? If you have goods that you wish to export by sea, but the volume does not fill a full container, then there is nothing to worry about. With our LCL service we can ship any volume of cargo which is less than a full container. You will only pay for the actual volume of your cargo and not for a full container.

*Note:Subject to country restrictions

Insuring your goods during the transportation process gives that added security and peace of mind. EHS will be happy to provide you added Insurance cover on a case by case basis.

We service the Bio Pharma and Clinical Trial Sector. Transport of UN3373 and UN1845 is a regular occurance within our network. We can supply the necessary packaging and conditioning (Dry Ice, LN2 Containers etc).

Talk to us about your local and national transport needs. You may be surprised with the alternative solutions we could propose . Our aim is to improve the service levels that our clients have been historically experiencing and provide cost benefits.

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