Author: EHS Africa Logistics

The logistics industry in Africa has undergone significant transformations as a result of a combination of technological advancements, infrastructure improvements, and strategic policy initiatives. As the continent embraces the digital age wholeheartedly, several trends have emerged, shaping the logistics landscape and laying the groundwork for a more efficient and

A monumental undertaking is on the horizon for Africa as plans for the Trans-Kalahari Railway construction, spanning 1,500km, are slated to commence in January 2025. The groundbreaking initiative was confirmed during a special joint ministerial committee (JMC) meeting held in September, where transportation officials from Namibia and Botswana revealed

Dubai Port World’s (DPW) management of the landing dock, initiated during President Abdoulaye Wade’s regime, promised logistical excellence and streamlined traffic flow. However, for the past two years, the operational efficiency has dwindled due to unfulfilled logistics promises and outdated port machinery. Stakeholders in port activities are now voicing

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