When you are shipping into West and Central Africa, it is essential to know exactly what the documentary requirements are for Importation of your specific goods.

Once you have established the documentary requirements, then obtaining them should be the next objective.

One must not assume that each country has the same Import documentation requirements, even though they may utilise the similar automated customs computer system. For example Sydonia or ASYCUDA.

Even with an automated computer system, it is important to remember that the majority of the countries in our region still operate with manual stamping of customs import documents. This may mean having to visit 10 different officials to obtain the necessary stamps to complete an import process. What happens if one of these people is not at the desk? Local knowledge is essential.

The presentation of a MAWB can make the difference in the import process, as a simple wrong description could bring the import process to a grinding halt. Local Experience is essential.

EHS will support in all aspects of the documentation process such as:

  • Import Licenses
  • Quotas
  • Authorisation to Import
  • Pre-Inspections
  • Duty Free Exemptions
  • Temporary Importations

Always wait for the ‘GREEN LIGHT’ before shipping.

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