East African Air Transport Connectivity in 2023

East African Air Transport Connectivity in 2023

This is a summary of the state of the air transport connectivity between 10 countries in the East African Region by Vallency Otieno Felix.

This is a great report where you can see how the East African region is connected in terms of trade, tourism, and travel. Most importantly, it is also to shed light on the missing links between these cities.

Using data collected from airline booking engines, airports, and tracking sites, the data has been analyzed airlines and airports in East Africa with scheduled operations, and below are some insights to digest:

💡 994 scheduled flights are operating across 84 routes.
💡 ET has direct flights to 17 different destinations across all the countries in focus.
💡 The Average ticket price for a One-Way flight is US$234
💡 The Busiest route is NBO – EBB with 44 flights.

Source: Vallency Otieno Felix

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