EHS Ebola Shipments to Guinea

EHS Ebola Shipments to Guinea

Pharmaceuticals being one of our Specialty, EHS has recently delivered EBOLA Supplies / medicines (ambient and temperature controlled) shipments in Guinea.

Upon receipt of the pre-alert, we have contacted all involved parties (Consignee, Airline and Customs) and obtained the temporary removal approval with AWB validated in advance before the physical arrival of the shipment.

Knowing that some of the shipments arrive during weekend and by night, we have also anticipated by coordinating with cnee and Airport authority (customs, airline) in advance for their availability to assist on release process at the airport.

There were four (04) shipments in Total which have been delivered the same day of their arrival to ANSS (Agency National de la Sécurité Sanitaire) as below:

Shipment 01:
Boxes 60 Kgs total
Storage – COLD +2c to +8c

Shipment 02:
1 box 5 Kgs
Storage – Uncontrolled Ambient

Both arrived on Feb 19, 2021 and were delivered the same day.

Shipment 03:
479836 – Conakry – 6 pcs @ 120 kg
Storage on arrival: COLD +2c to +8c

Shipment 04:
479837 – Conakry – 1 pc @ 2 kg (normal box)

Both arrived on Feb 28, 2021 and were delivered the same day.

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