EHS Kinshasa Clearing Ebola Vaccines through Biopharma Couriers

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EHS Kinshasa Clearing Ebola Vaccines through Biopharma Couriers

During the months of May and June 2018 EHS Kinshasa is receiving, clearing and delivering significant amounts of urgent Ebola vaccines arriving from different organisations through specialist biopharma courier companies. There is limited time to arrange and set up the pre-formalities for each individual shipment with the local ministries, doctors and laboratories but the EHS Kinshasa Team continues to successfully meet the challenge.

Shipments of this nature require detailed knowledge of the import requirements and good working relationships with the doctors involved. Health officials are vaccinated for protection so they can treat patients with the disease. It is amazing to see the international efforts involved. This includes providing helicopters in order to transfer some vaccines from Kinshasa once they are customs cleared directly to the labs situated in the infected areas.

All kinds of questions come up when there is an urgent need to transport Ebola vaccines urgently in order to stop or reduce an outbreak. EHS is on the front line of logistics across Africa for bio pharmaceutical shipments and clinical trials, warehousing and added-value services.

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