Kenya’s air cargo industry sees 23% surge in digital bookings

Kenya’s air cargo industry sees 23% surge in digital bookings

In a notable advancement for Kenya’s air cargo sector, recent data from Freightos has disclosed a substantial 23% rise in total eBookings over the past five months.

This increase in digital bookings is credited to the rising use of eBooking platforms which have simplified the process of air cargo transactions.

January 2024 marked a record high for the number of eBookings in a single month, reinforcing this upward trend. The uptick in eBookings is anticipated to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of air cargo operations in Kenya.

The surge in eBookings is likely driven by the growing demand for digital solutions within the logistics industry, a trend hastened by the Covid-19 pandemic. The shift to digital platforms has facilitated quicker and more accurate transactions, reducing the need for manual labour and lowering associated costs.

The Freightos report underscores the significant strides made in Kenya’s air cargo sector, which is now more interconnected and efficient than ever before. As the industry continues to advance, eBookings are expected to play an increasingly crucial role in shaping the future of air cargo operations in the region.


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