Customs Clearance


We take care of the entire process

Our customers are at ease knowing that the often complicated importation procedures in many West and Central African countries are completely taken care of by EHS.

If you plan to ship goods into West or Central Africa, do not do so in haste. This could result in costly fines and shipments being blocked in customs for considerable lengths of time.

Just by taking the time to gather information on destination requirements will reduce risk. EHS will provide detailed advice on necessary import requirements for all the countries that we serve.  Duty Free Exemptions are notoriously time consuming.  So do not ship until you have consulted us. Even if we do not handle the shipment for you at destination, our Team are still there to help and provide information.

Asking is free, but storage charges are not.

We provide full import customs clearance and door to door deliveries. DDP & DDU services are our specialty.

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